About the course

JIRA for agile gives you complete understanding and hands-on experience on how one can utilize JIRA to implement effectively agile practices. JIRA has a lot of great and useful features which can be used with agile to optimize the productivity. Please check the curriculum to find details about the program.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic understanding of Agile methodologies is needed.
  • Please attend Agile fundamentals course in case you are not familiar with agile methodologies.

What I am going to get from this course

  • You will understand how to use JIRA for agile scrum projects.
  • How to do advanced configuration of custom reports, JQL filters in JIRA.
  • Hands-on practice on how to integrate other systems with JIRA like Git etc.
  • Practical understanding of how to manage Kanban projects in JIRA.
  • Managing scrum of a scrum in JIRA.

What is the target Audience?

  • Anyone who understand the agile methodology and want to learn the practical implementation of it in JIRA.
  • This course is perfect for the business executive, managers, business owners.


Module 1: Introducing JIRA Interface and Workflow

  • 1.1  Navigating the user interface
  • 1.2  Prioritizing backlogs
  • 1.3  Learning about the JIRA Data Model

Module 2: Managing Scrum Projects

  • 2.1  Managing boards (backlog
  • 2.2   planning and review)
  • 2.3  Managing tickets
  • 2.4   stories
  • 2.5   bugs and tasks
  • 2.6  Leveraging reports

Module 3: Customizing and Advanced Configuration

  • 3.1  Creating custom reports with JQL filters
  • 3.2  Customizing JIRA

Module 4: Integrating with Other Systems

  • 4.1  Versioning source code with Git
  • 4.2  Embracing continuous integration and delivery
  • 4.3  Integrating with collaboration tools

Module 5: Scaling Projects with JIRA

  • 5.1  Managing Scrum of Scrums
  • 5.2  Applying JIRA to non-software projects

Module 6: Managing Projects with Kanban

  • 6.1  Constraining throughput and capacity
  • 6.2  Optimizing work in progress

Module 7: Deploying in Your Organization

  • 7.1  Analyzing deployment options
  • 7.2  Performing administrative tasks
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