About the course

  • At the end of this course, you'll understand the complete feature set of S3
  • You'll understand the way to control access to your data using access control lists and bucket & user policies
  • You'll understand data protection methods using encryption, versioning and cross-region replication.
  • You'll understand advanced S3 performance techniques when operating at scale.
  • You'll find out how to make serverless websites and create serverless event-driven engines

What are the Requirements?

  • A Windows, Linux or Mac PC/Laptop
  • Access to an AWS account (free tier is suitable)
  • Access to the AWS CLI (not mandatory)
  • A little AWS knowledge helps

Who is the target audience?

  • Cloud and AWS beginners who are looking to learn about a core, fundamental AWS service.
  • AWS intermediates and specialists who are looking to expand their knowledge of S3.
  • Developers who are looking to use a highly scalable, secure, multi-functional storage back end.
  • Serverless enthusiasts who are hoping to create sites or integrate a storage engine into their applications.
  • Cloud architects and engineers who looking to design applications and infrastructure on AWS.


Module 1: The Basics of S3

  • 1.1  S3 Basics
  • 1.2  Buckets and Objects

Module 2: Security: Access Control

  • 2.1  An Introduction to S3 Permissions
  • 2.2  Access Control Lists (ACL's)
  • 2.3  Bucket & User Policies
  • 2.4  Cross Account Access Using ACL's
  • 2.5  Cross Account Access Using Bucket Policies
  • 2.6  Timed URL

Module 3: Security: Logging and Monitoring

  • 3.1  Monitoring S3 With CloudWatch
  • 3.2  S3 Access Logging
  • 3.3  CloudTrail Logging
  • 3.4  CloudTrail & CloudWatch Metrics
  • 3.5  CloudTrail & CloudWatch Events

Module 4: Security: Data Protection

  • 4.1  S3 Encryption
  • 4.2  Versioning
  • 4.3  Cross Region Replication

Module 5: Lifecycle Management

  • 5.1  Lifecycle Management
  • 5.2  Storage Class Analysis

Module 6: Event Notifications

  • 6.1  Event Notifications
  • 6.2  Event Notifications lab

Module 7: Performance Optimisation

  • 7.1  An Introduction To CloudFront
  • 7.2  Transfer Acceleration
  • 7.3  Choosing An S3 Naming Scheme
  • 7.4  Optimising S3 PUTS
  • 7.5   GETS & LISTS
  • 7.6  Multipart Upload
  • 7.7  Optimising GETS with CloudFront
  • 7.8  S3 Inventory

Module 8: Website Hosting

  • 8.1  Static Website Hosting
  • 8.2  Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Module 9: Practical Uses of S3

  • 9.1  CloudBerry Backup
  • 9.2  Backing Up Data With CloudBerry Backup
  • 9.3  Restoring Data With CloudBerry Backup
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