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Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. Kali contains over 600 tools geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering. This course centers on Kali Linux, but also covers basic programming, basics of Linux and Linux terminal commands. Candidates will start by installing Kali Linux on a virtual box and begin exploring the various tools.


There are virtually none. The only requirements are strong motivation and access to a computer that can run Linux. Of course, the more you know about computers and the more experience you have, the easier it will be.

Who is the target audience?

The Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing with Kali Linux course is for those with little or no knowledge of Kali Linux or Linux and its many tools. Anyone interested in learning ethical hacking and working towards more advanced penetration techniques. He needs to learn the fundamentals taught in this course firstly.


Module 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  • 1.1  Hacking Terminologies
  • 1.2  About Ethical Hacking
  • 1.3  Vulnerability assessment & Penetration Testing
  • 1.4  Laws and Standards

Module 2: Installation of Kali linux

  • 2.1  kali linux Installation Process

Module 3: Password Cracking practicals

  • 3.1  Create your own Dictionary
  • 3.2  FTP password hacking
  • 3.3  Protocol Password Cracking
  • 3.4  Crack Hashes

Module 4: Scanning Networks

  • 4.1  Introduction to Scanning Networks
  • 4.2  Port Scanning process
  • 4.3  NMAP (Port Scanner)
  • 4.4  Nessus Vulnerability Scanner
  • 4.5  Proxy Chaining and Softwares
  • 4.6  NMAP Practical
  • 4.7  Colasoft Builder and Advance ip scanner practical
  • 4.8  Proxy Practical
  • 4.9  Nessus Installation Practical

Module 5: Enumeration

  • 5.1  Introduction to enumeration
  • 5.2  Various enumeration techniques
  • 5.3  Enumeration Tools and Techniques

Module 6: System hacking and Malware Threats

  • 6.1  Ophcrack and Quickstego Practical
  • 6.2  Buffer Overflow Practical with metasploit
  • 6.3  Crunch Command
  • 6.4  Introduction to System Hacking
  • 6.5  SAM file in windows
  • 6.6  Privilege Escalation and Keyloggers
  • 6.7  Spywares and Steganography Techniques
  • 6.8  Log Tempering

Module 7: Sniffing

  • 7.1  Find Mac Address using arp
  • 7.2  Mac Changer

Module 8: Dos Attack ( Denial Of Service Attack)

  • 8.1  Introduction to Denial Of Service
  • 8.2  DOS attack mitigation Techniques
  • 8.3  Techniques to Flood a network
  • 8.4  Type of dos attack and dos tools
  • 8.5  DosHTTP Practical
  • 8.6  Hping Practical

Module 9: Vulnerability Analysis

  • 9.1  System Vulnerability Scanner
  • 9.2  Audit A system
  • 9.3  Vulnerability Scanner
  • 9.4  Port Scanning and Banner Grabbing

Module 10: Hacking Web Applications

  • 10.1  Introduction to Web Hacking
  • 10.2  Methods to web hacking
  • 10.3  SQL Injection and XSS attack
  • 10.4  Web Application Pentesting Tools
  • 10.5  Burpsuite Installation
  • 10.6  Web Pentesting using Burpsuite
  • 10.7  Web application security scanner
  • 10.8  Wordpress website security scanner

Module 11: SQL Injection

  • 11.1  Introduction to SQL Injection
  • 11.2  SQL injection technique without tools
  • 11.3  Sqlmap Tool in Kali linux
  • 11.4  Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Practical
  • 11.5  Pentest a website using sqlmap

Module 12: Social Engineering

  • 12.1  Introduction to Social Engineering
  • 12.2  Types of Social Engineering
  • 12.3  Top Methodologies of Social Engineering

Module 13: Database Assessment

  • 13.1  Sql injection using jsql in kali linux
  • 13.2  About SQL Database
  • 13.3  Sql injection using sqlsus tool
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