Why should I take this course

Fact & figures of web development industry: Front-end web developers have one of the most bankable skill sets on the job market today. According to Glassdoor, the national median salary for front-end developers tops more than $76,000. Because of high demand, strong salaries, and loads of flexibility make front-end development a great choice for a career, whether you’re just starting your professional life or embarking on a new chapter. If you’re thinking about making a change, be aware that there’s a lot to learn—but plenty of reasons to learn it. This specialized program is designed for individuals, web designers who want to enhance their skills in front-end of a web application or want to start a career as a freelancer. You will get the concepts, knowledge and coding essentials. You will get the ideas to create web templates and how to make web template responsive in order to show on different devices. This certification program will give you insights of UI/UX design of web apps and what languages you need to know to get a job in web development industry as a web designer or front-end web developer or build to able to create opportunities in web development industry which can help you to start your career as Freelancer.

What career I can opt after this program

What benefits I am going to get from this specialized program

  1. Get the knowledge and coding essentials of 7 web languages & frameworks: HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery, Bootstrap, XML, Ajax.
  2. A web portfolio that you can use as your own to show your work and present it to your clients as a professional freelancer.
  3. Professional career complete guidance for tech market: A whole section dedicated on how to start your professional career either as a freelancer, a full-time employee.
  4. The job is very much in demand but companies, more and more are requiring developers who can do UI / UX development. You will get coding essentials and knowledge to work on UI / UX of web apps after this program.
  5. Being a freelancer, it means you will your own boss, which means that you can choose your clients, your fee and your working hours.

Features & Highlights


  • Certifications
  • Projects
  • 1 month project support
  • Placement assistance


  • Web template creation & customization
  • One page portfolio

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