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    TestNG is in high demand in the testing industry. It is an open-source automated testing framework; where NG stands for Next Generation. TestNG is quite similar & inspired by JUnit, but it is much more powerful than JUnit. It is designed to provide powerful features better than JUnit, especially when testing integrated classes.
    It gets rid of most of the limitations of the older JUnit framework. Furthermore, it provides the developer the ability to write more flexible and powerful tests with help of easy & different context annotations, grouping, sequencing & parameterization.
    Here is the list of TestNG features:
    • TestNG Annotations
    • TestNG Test Suite
    • TestNG XML
    • TestNG Groups
    • TestNG Dependency
    • TestNG Reports
    • TestNG Parameters
    • TestNG DataProviders
    • TestNG Test Priority
    • TestNG Reporter Log
    • TestNG Asserts
    • TestNG skipping test
    • TestNG Parallel Execution
    • TestNG Listeners
    Because of the above features, it makes life easy for an Automation tester. Testers can prioritize their test cases, change the sequencing as per requirement, or even customize the code at run time.
    So if you want to be a TestNG master or looking for TestNG training, you are at the right place. ITlearn360 provides complete training on TestNG.  ITlearn360 covers all features of TestNG and will train you “How to use TestNG features with live scenarios”.
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