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Big Data has been in top jobs from a few years now due to the high volume of database coming daily and we really don’t see an end to this system. Daily the whole world produces data which was not even produced in a year in 1990’s the reason is we have so many ways to add data and we have so many active people doing it.

So now we know why Big Data is called “BIG DATA” in the first place. So in simple language I would say that Big Data solve the most important issue we face each day and that is (a.) Save Data (b) Retrieving data correctly and efficiently. Both are very skilful and major work related to database.

A person can expect a very optimal paycheck and future if he is capable of working in big data.

Hadoop and Spark are the two main ways of getting this done. You need to learn at least 7 to 8 tools minimum to learn and work on Big Data.

Who can choose this career

Professionals, Student, Analysts and individual who wants to learn.


Basic database knowledge and OS - memory related understanding

Learning Path

Learning Path