About the certification

Agile leadership certification is for all those smart leaders who realize that technology and business changes must be adopted in order to keep the knowledge growing in this rapidly changing world. Agile is transforming the world and businesses need agile leadership. Check program details to realize and understand your career aspirations and organizational goals.

What are the requirements?

  • Business intelligence, leadership skills.
  • Strong desire to adopt the agile practices.

What I am going to get from this course

  • How to lead your organization to agile leadership.
  • How to create an agile environment in your organization.
  • Develop and improve your emotional intelligence to resist changes.
  • Manage the changes in business more effectively with agile practices.

What is the target Audience?

  • Best suited for leaders, entrepreneurs who want to grow their business with agile practices.


Module 1: The Agile Leadership Framework

  • 1.1  Evaluating prevalent leadership models
  • 1.2  The Agile Leadership Model
  • 1.3  Building your analytical and behavioral skill sets

Module 2: Adding Business Value to the Organizational Mission

  • 2.1  Appreciating diverse organizational cultures
  • 2.2  Identifying business value

Module 3: Including Change to Increase Business Value

  • 3.1  Understanding root causes
  • 3.2  Utilizing change

Module 4: The Agile Leader's Toolkit

  • 4.1  Applying development methodologies
  • 4.2  Managing risk

Module 5: Emotional Intelligence for the Agile Leader

  • 5.1  Cultivating your emotional intelligence
  • 5.2  Avoiding group think
  • 5.3  Sharpening your influencing skills
  • 5.4  The importance of a leader's vision

Module 6: Creating an Agile Environment

  • 6.1  Empowering teams and fostering their success
  • 6.2  Problem solving
  • 6.3  Making decisions in a complex world

Module 7: Implementing Your Agile Leadership Action Plan

  • 7.1  Recognizing the importance of action planning
  • 7.2  Creating your action plan
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