About the certification

Certified Scrum Product Owner course is a practical way to learn about building effective communication with customers and the development team, creating and prioritizing user stories to maximize product value. You will study to pass the exam, practice with real-life cases and prepare to apply for development a real product.

What are the requirements?

  • Some business and marketing strategy knowledge will be helpful. No technical background required

What am I going to get from this course

In Scrum Product Owner course you will get over 80 lectures and 20 hours of content. You will learn:
  • What are the primary responsibilities of a Product Owner?
  • How to identify and manage stakeholders.
  • How to gather and express requirements as clear testable user stories.
  • How to work with the Development Team to maximize the value of the product.
  • How to plan and manage releases.
  • Product Owner’s tasks within the Software Development Life Cycle.

What is the target audience?

  • This Course is for Candidates that want to experience working in Scrum environment, for Business Analysts, Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneurs, StartUps. It is a fundamental course and will be useful for recent graduates that want to start a career in IT.


Module 1: Basics of Software Development Life Cycles

  • 1.1  Agile Principles
  • 1.2  Scrum Foundations
  • 1.3  Compare Software Development Life Cycles

Module 2: Scrum Team

  • 2.1  Scrum Team Structure
  • 2.2  Scrum Team Roles
  • 2.3  Scrum Team Responsibilities

Module 3: Product Introduction

  • 3.1  Stakeholders
  • 3.2  Customer satisfaction
  • 3.3  Product Vision
  • 3.4  Product Acceptance Criteria

Module 4: Product Management

  • 4.1  Product User Stories
  • 4.2  Definition of Done
  • 4.3  User Stories Refinement

Module 5: Plan Product Releases

  • 5.1  User Story Maps
  • 5.2  User Stories Prioritization

Module 6: Scrum Events

  • 6.1  Sprint Planning
  • 6.2  Sprints
  • 6.3  Sprint Review
  • 6.4  Sprint Retrospective
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