About the certification

  • Advanced Web Analytics training gives participants well-rounded knowledge of digital data analytics, including:
  • Step by step instructions to use data from different sources to direct quantitative and qualitative research, and deliver actionable, data-informed business insights
  • How digital data analytics drives important insights for all aspects of your customer’s lifecycle across the entire digital world
  • Uncover and learn about the various analysis capabilities enabled through digital data
  • How to better inform business decisions with rigorous analysis techniques
  • This analytics training will not only prepare the students for the most sought after analytics certifications in the market but leverages all the important concepts of web data analytics as per the current market trends.
  • Preparing the participants from ground zero of what is web analytics to mastering the analytics domain in the entire digital field.
  • The course is organized to give a top to bottom information about the domain of web analytics, social analytics, and content analytics, giving the participants all the tools required to master the digital analytics domain
  • Provide the learners with the complete end-to-end understanding of how digital and data analytics impacts the conversion funnel, customer retention & acquisition, CPA, LTV and the customer engagement. Product knowledge of - google analytics platform, Google digital studio, klipfolio and tableau.

Who is the target audience?

This digital analytics training module is best suited for professionals who are interested in learning and specializing in digital analytics to boost their skill sets in the digital marketing industry and beyond. This course is best suited for candidates who are:
  • Online Web Analytics Implementers
  • Online Web Analytics Data Reporters
  • Digital Analysts
  • Digital Marketers
  • Managers
  • Web Analytics Certification Aspirants
  • Digital Analytics Certification Aspirants

What are the requirements?

  • Digital Analysts
  • Digital Marketers

What I am going to get from this course

  • You will learn how to leverage data from various sources to conduct quantitative and qualitative research
  • The course is structured to provide an in-depth knowledge surrounding the domain of web analytics, social analytics, and content analytics, giving the participants all the tools required to master the Digital Analytics domain


Module 1: Building Blocks

  • 1.1  Building Blocks

Module 2: Fundamentals of Digital Analytics

  • 2.1  Fundamentals of Digital Analytics Part

Module 3: Business Perspective

  • 3.1  Business Perspective

Module 4: Methodology - Lean Six Sigma

  • 4.1   The Methodology—Lean Six Sigma

Module 5: Data Analysis Fundamentals

  • 5.1   Data Analysis Fundamentals

Module 6: Data Analysis Fundamentals

  • 6.1  Data Analysis Fundamentals

Module 7: Analysis Perspective Providing Insights

  • 7.1  Analysis Perspective: Providing Insights
  • 7.2  Expressing Exazactitude or a Sense of Scales

Module 8: Enabling Capabilities

  • 8.1  Enabling Capabilities

Module 9: Managing Analytics

  • 9.1  Managing Analytics

Module 10: Conversions & Onboarding

  • 10.1  Conversions & Onboarding
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