About the course

  • Deploy & run lambda functions in the cloud
  • Write code that responds quickly to S3, DynamoDB, and Kinesis events
  • Learn how to summon Lambda functions from the AWS CLI/AWS SDK
  • Understand how to rescale Lambda functions (trick question, they autoscale!)
  • Be able to integrate Lambda with any event source once you understand the Lambda programming model

What are the requirements?

  • Introductory-level knowledge of AWS IAM and S3.
  • A little bit of programming expertise in any language helps, for instance, what's a variable, a function, etc
  • Basic experience on the command-line
  • Administrative access to an AWS account
  • Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux computer
  • Time set aside to complete some labs!

Who is the target audience?

  • Perfect for developers, solution architects, and AWS clients of all stripes.


Module 1: Section 1

  • 1.1  Introduction
  • 1.2  Toolbar Setup
  • 1.3  About Blueprints and Handlers
  • 1.4  Using the Console
  • 1.5  Create the Function
  • 1.6  Testing and Logging

Module 2: Section 2

  • 2.1  Introduction
  • 2.2  Install the AWS Command-Line Tool
  • 2.3  Create an S3 Bucket
  • 2.4  Creating a Function and Trigger
  • 2.5  Updating Lambda Functions with the AWS CLI
  • 2.6  Testing and Function Invocation
  • 2.7  Function Versions and Qualifiers
  • 2.8  Function Outputs and Timeouts

Module 3: Section 3

  • 3.1  Introduction to Kinesis
  • 3.2  Create a Stream and Function Trigger
  • 3.3  Test the Function
  • 3.4  End-to-End Testing with Kinesis Events

Module 4: Section 4

  • 4.1  Introduction to DynamoDB
  • 4.2  About Function Triggers and Tables
  • 4.3  Create and Test the Function
  • 4.4  Testing with Live Data
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