About the course

  • Build your own online portfolio
  • Know how Amazon Web Services work along to form a serverless application
  • Understand how to create a front-end application with React.JS
  • Get hands-on experience with test driven development of front-end applications
  • Know how serverless application development will save time and money

What are the Requirements?

  • All you need is a Windows, Linux or Mac/PC laptop

Who is the target audience?

  • Absolute Beginners with no prior AWS experience looking to learn AWS basics
  • AWS Beginners who want to expand their knowledge about AWS services
  • Curious individuals who want to know more about the cloud and serverless
  • New engineers looking to get a job in this domain.


Module 1: Getting Started

  • 1.1  Getting Started
  • 1.2  Machine Setup: MacOS
  • 1.3  Machine Setup: Windows
  • 1.4  Git & GitHub
  • 1.5  HTML & CSS Boilerplate

Module 2: Deploy Your Portfolio to AWS

  • 2.1  Getting Started with AWS
  • 2.2  AWS Basics & Account Signup
  • 2.3  Identity Access Manager
  • 2.4  Route 53 & DNS
  • 2.5  Deploying to S3 Labs
  • 2.6  CloudFront & SSL

Module 3: Automate Your Deployment

  • 3.1  Automate Your Deployment
  • 3.2  Create a CodeBuild Build
  • 3.3  AWS Client & Boto3
  • 3.4  AWS Lambda
  • 3.5  SNS: Simple Notification Service
  • 3.6  CodePipeline

Module 4: Make Your Portfolio Dynamic

  • 4.1  Make Your Portfolio Dynamic with ReactJS
  • 4.2  Babel JS
  • 4.3  ReactJS
  • 4.4  Testing with Chai & Mocha
  • 4.5  NPM & Webpack: Organizing Your Code
  • 4.6  First React Component
  • 4.7  Testing React
  • 4.8  React State & Interactivity Part One
  • 4.9  React State & Interactivity Part Two
  • 4.10  Last Steps
  • 4.11  The End
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