About the course

This course gives you a practical understanding of penetration testing.
  • Learn how network protocol attacks and network reconnaissance works.
  • Learn web penetration testing.
  • Understand how database injections work.
  • Get knowledge about web application vulnerabilities.


  • One should have a basic understanding of windows/ Linux environment.
  • Basic knowledge of the TCP/IP protocols.
  • Strong desire to learn hacking and network security.

Who is the target audience?

This course is designed for
  • Security Analyst, Security Consultant
  • Individuals looking to learn penetration testing.
  • Anyone want to start a career in IT Security with the knowledge of penetration testing.


Module 1: Introduction to Pen Testing

  • 1.1  The need for Pen Testing
  • 1.2  Methodology of Pen Testing
  • 1.3  Ethics and Compliance to Legal Systems

Module 2: Pen Testing Engagement Lifecycle

  • 2.1  Pen Testing Scope and Boundaries

Module 3: The Basics

  • 3.1  Networking Concepts
  • 3.2  Operating System Security
  • 3.3  Application Layer Protocols
  • 3.4  Cryptography Concepts Review
  • 3.5  Wireless and Database Concepts Review

Module 4: Information Gathering & Social Engineering

  • 4.1  Creating USB Payloads for Social Engineering Attacks
  • 4.2  Gathering DNS Registration Information
  • 4.3  Gathering Router
  • 4.4   Firewall and IPS Information
  • 4.5  Gathering Email Addresses from Public and Social Websites
  • 4.6  Reading Metadata of Files Revealing Target Information
  • 4.7  Hiding Attacks Using Onion Routing Network

Module 5: Target Discovery Fingerprinting & Enumeration

  • 5.1  Discovering the Operating System Details
  • 5.2  Port and Services Discovery using NMAP

Module 6: Vulnerability Mapping

  • 6.1  Understanding Vulnerability Taxonomy
  • 6.2  Discovering and Analyzing Weaknesses

Module 7: Target Exploitation & Privilege Escalation

  • 7.1  Escalation for Windows and Linux
  • 7.2  Choosing Attack Vectors
  • 7.3  Performing Local and Remote Attacks
  • 7.4  Gathering and Cracking Password Hashes using Mimikatz and John the Ripper
  • 7.5  Attacking a Target through a Compromised Target (Pivoting)
  • 7.6  Creating Man In The Middle Attacks through Spoofing
  • 7.7  Sniffing Authentication Packets Revealing Passwords
  • 7.8  Cracking Default Passwords with Password Lists and Rainbow Tables

Module 8: Maintaining Access & Covering Tracks

  • 8.1  Creating Metasploit Backdoor Payloads
  • 8.2  Antivirus
  • 8.3   Firewall
  • 8.4   and IPS Evasion Techniques

Module 9: Web Pen Testing & Database Injection

  • 9.1  Bypassing Authentication using Cross Site Scripting
  • 9.2  Revealing User Accounts and Passwords through Database Injection

Module 10: Documentation, Reporting & Presentation

  • 10.1  Writing Pen Testing Reports
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