Learn and enhance your data analytics by utilizing R programming language which is widely used tool for data analysis and visualization. With this data science course, you’ll get hands-on training on R CloudLab by executing different real-life, industry-based projects in the areas of healthcare, retail, insurance, finance, airlines, music industry, and unemployment.

What are the requirements?

No prior knowledge of Statistics the language of R programming or analytic techniques is required.

What I am going to get from this course

  • Great understanding of business analytics
  • You will learn how to Install R, R-studio
  • Understand how various statements are executed in R
  • Understand workspace setup, and learn about the various R packages
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of data structure used in R and learn to import/export data in R
  • Understand and use the various graphics in R for data visualization

Who is the target audience?

IT professionals looking for a career switch into data science and analytics Software developers looking for a career switch into data science and analytics Professionals working in data and business analytics Graduates looking to build a career in analytics and data science