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About the course

The objective of this course is to enable students to master SVN to manage projects, packages, codes and any file. In this course, you will learn the following stuff:
  1. Overview of VCS(Version Control Systems)
  2. SVN installation and configuration
  3. SVN life cycle
  4. SVN with Eclipse via Subversive
  5. Resolving conflicts
  6. Good and Bad Commit messages
  7. Tops for which part to share in a project
Audience: This course is intended for software developers and testers who have no version control system as well as those who know some version control systems such as Git or GitHub.


Module 1: Overview of VCS(Version Control Systems)

  • 1.1  VCS Goal
  • 1.2  VCS Categories
  • 1.3  VCS Terminologies
  • 1.4  Advantage and Disadvantage of VCS

Module 2: SVN installation and configuration

  • 2.1  Apache setup
  • 2.2  User setup
  • 2.3  Repository setup

Module 3: SVN life cycle

  • 3.1  Create repository
  • 3.2  Checkout
  • 3.3  Update
  • 3.4  Perform change
  • 3.5  Review change
  • 3.6  Fix change
  • 3.7  Resolve conflict
  • 3.8  Commit change
  • 3.9  Tags
  • 3.10  Branching

Module 4: SVN with Eclipse via Subversive

  • 4.1  Install Subversive
  • 4.2  Setup SVN repository
  • 4.3  Share the project via SVN
  • 4.4  Check-in and Check-out changes
  • 4.5  SVN actions in Eclipse team
  • 4.6  Resolving conflicts
  • 4.7  Good and Bad Commit messages
  • 4.8  Tops for which part to share in a project
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