About the course

In this course, you will learn about AWS architecture, infrastructure, and various services. You will be clear about:
  1. AWS ARchitecture
  2. AWS Terminology: scalability, Fault tolerance, instance etc
  3. Compute and Networking
  4. Storage and content delivery
  5. Database Service
  6. Analytics
  7. App Service
  8. Deployment Service
  9. Management Service
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Audience and Requirements

  • QA, BA, Developer, Project Lead, Manager
  • Anyone who is interested to know about cloud computing, virtualization, and AWS: Amazon Web Services.
  • No prior knowledge needed but strong desire to learn.

Training Highlights

  • Mentorship will be available during and after the training.
  • You will practice on interview questions and secession from day one.
  • You will be working on three projects.


Module 1: AWS Architecture

  • 1.1  Regions
  • 1.2  Availability zones

Module 2: Age location

  • 2.1  CloudFront which is in CDN

Module 3: Terminology

  • 3.1  Scalability
  • 3.2  Fault tolerance
  • 3.3  Elasticity similar term to scalability

Module 4: AWS services

  • 4.1  Computer and Networking
  • 4.2  Storage and content delivery
  • 4.3  Database Service
  • 4.4  Analytic
  • 4.5  App Service
  • 4.6  Deployment Service
  • 4.7  Management Service

Module 5: Architected AWS Applications are always focus on

  • 5.1  Use of Multiple AWS services and Automation
  • 5.2  Fault tolerance
  • 5.3  Disaster recovery
  • 5.4  High availability

Module 6: Compute and Networking Services

  • 6.1  EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • 6.2  VPC: Virtual Private Cloud
  • 6.3  Amazon Route 53
  • 6.4  EC2-classic: depreciated AWS service since 2013

Module 7: Storage and Content Delivery AWS web services

  • 7.1  Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • 7.2  Reduced Redundancy Storage (R3)
  • 7.3  Amazon Glacier
  • 7.4  Amazon storage gateway
  • 7.5  Amazone Import and Export

Module 8: RDS : Amazon Relational Database Service

  • 8.1  Databases to store data tables in relationship way
  • 8.2  Fully managed database service
  • 8.3  Databases supported by RDS

Module 9: Amazon Analytic Service

  • 9.1  Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

Module 10: App Services

  • 10.1  SWF: Amazon Simple Workflow Service
  • 10.2  ASQS: Amazon Simple Queue Service
  • 10.3  SNS : Amazon Simple Notification Service

Module 11: Amazon Deployment Service

  • 11.1  Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
  • 11.2  Amazon CloudFormaton

Module 12: Amazon Management Service

  • 12.1  IAM (Identity Management Service)
  • 12.2  CloudTrial
  • 12.3  CloudWatch
  • 12.4  Directory Service

Module 13: IAM essential

Module 14: AWS S3 Essential

Module 15: RDS Essential

Module 16: CloudFront Essential

Module 17: Elastic Beanstalk Essential

Module 18: VPC and AWS Networking

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