About the course

Business Analyst or BA job responsibilities are all about business requirements. Whether it is going to the customer site and talk with stakeholders or identifying the major risks for the projects, we will give you the tools, and techniques to overcome the challenges. We will teach you how to identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems.

What are the requirements?

  • Some business strategy knowledge will be helpful.
  • No technical background required

What am I going to get from this course?

In course for foundations of business analysis, you will get over 80 lectures and 20 hours of content. You will learn:
  • What are the primary responsibilities of a Business Analyst?
  • How to gather and analyze requirements from stakeholders and write documentation.
  • What requirements can be testable, and what is difficult to verify; how to increase the quality of documentation.
  • What tools are available to record and manage product specifications.
  • How to reduce project cost, by removing unnecessary product features.
  • What is the difference between BRS, SRS, and FRS documents?
  • BA tasks within the Software Development Life Cycle.

What is the target audience?

  • Our introductory course is what you need if you are interested in learning how to communicate with stakeholders and conduct requirement gathering interviews and write requirement documents.
  • It will be useful for a novice to intermediate business analysts and professionals looking to transition into a business analyst role.


Module 1: Overview of Business Analysis

  • 1.1  What is Business Analysis
  • 1.2  Who can become a Business Analysts
  • 1.3  Roles & Responsibilities of a Business Analyst
  • 1.4  Software Hall of Shame
  • 1.5   and how to avoid common mistakes
  • 1.6  Limitations of a Business Analyst role
  • 1.7   what is not a BA responsibility
  • 1.8  Future of a Business Analyst job and constant learning

Module 2: Overview of an IT company structure

  • 2.1  What is a company
  • 2.2  Different departments
  • 2.3  Different job types
  • 2.4  Tasks
  • 2.5  How BA role corresponds to other positions.

Module 3: Overview of a Project

  • 3.1  Definition of Project
  • 3.2  Types of Projects
  • 3.3  Dependencies of Projects

Module 4: Basic Project Management Principles Review

  • 4.1  Roles & Responsibilities of PM and BA
  • 4.2   similarities and differences
  • 4.3  Triple Constraint Principle (Schedule
  • 4.4   Scope
  • 4.5   Cost)
  • 4.6  Project Management Canvas

Module 5: What is Business Analysis

  • 5.1  Define Business & Analysis
  • 5.2   Role of a BA
  • 5.3   Tasks BA may not do

Module 6: General Phases of IT Project

  • 6.1  Requirements
  • 6.2   Design
  • 6.3   Development
  • 6.4   Testing

Module 7: Types of Requirements

  • 7.1  High-level Requirements
  • 7.2  Low-level Requirements
  • 7.3  Functional Requirements
  • 7.4  Non-Functional Requirements and Supplementary Requirements
  • 7.5  GUI Requirements
  • 7.6  Data Requirements

Module 8: SDLC Methodologies

  • 8.1  Waterfall Methodology
  • 8.2  Spiral Methodology
  • 8.3  Agile Methodology
  • 8.4  Extreme Programming
  • 8.5  SCRUM
  • 8.6  RUP

Module 9: Important BA Templates

  • 9.1  Business Requirement Document
  • 9.2  Functional Requirement Document
  • 9.3  System Requirement Document
  • 9.4  Business System Analysis Requirement Document
  • 9.5  Technical Requirement Document
  • 9.6  Product Requirement Document
  • 9.7  Use Cases
  • 9.8  Vision Statement
  • 9.9  Process Flows
  • 9.10  Impact Assessment
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