About the course

Microsoft Visio is a powerful software for drawing diagrams; it is part of a Microsoft Office family. Professionals in a variety of industries use this tool to create process diagrams, workflow diagrams, architectural diagrams, timelines, engineering drawings, concepts, ideas, structures, layouts, software models, blueprints, etc.

What are the requirements?

Some knowledge of Unified Modeling Language will be helpful

What am I going to get from this course?

  • In the practical course for Microsoft Visio, you will get over 80 lectures and 6 hours of content, and use the knowledge to:
  • use templates, or create new diagrams from scratch;
  • quickly navigate and customize the interface;
  • add and connect shapes, add text;
  • format shapes and use diagram themes;
  • group shapes and use layers;
  • insert pictures;
  • generate reports;
  • use data from external applications.

What is the target audience?

  • This course is for Candidates who want to make charts, document processes, or create diagrams with confidence and ease.


Module 1: Introduction to MS VISIO

  • 1.1  Introduction of MS Visio
  • 1.2  Important features of Visio
  • 1.3  How to setup Visio

Module 2: Basics of Microsoft Visio

  • 2.1  Templates in MS Visio
  • 2.2  Use of different templates in MS Visio
  • 2.3  Introduction to title bar
  • 2.4  Menu bar
  • 2.5  Different windows in MS Visio
  • 2.6  Introduction of shapes and stencils

Module 3: Creating Diagrams

  • 3.1  How to create flowchart in Visio
  • 3.2  Different flowchart shapes available in Visio
  • 3.3  How to create a sequence diagram in Visio
  • 3.4  Different sequence diagram shapes available in Visio
  • 3.5  How to insert another shape

Module 4: Working with File Formatting

  • 4.1  Importing different file format in Visio
  • 4.2  Saving Visio file in different format and use it
  • 4.3  Import from Sharepoint to Visio for editing
  • 4.4  Export from Visio to Sharepoint

Module 5: Working with Data

  • 5.1  Link Data to shapes using Data Selector
  • 5.2  Creating Data Graphics
  • 5.3  Use of data control windows

Module 6: Sitemaps & Wireframing

  • 6.1  What is sitemaps and uses
  • 6.2  How to create sitemaps
  • 6.3  What is Wireframing
  • 6.4  Why use Wireframing for a site
  • 6.5  How to create Wireframing

Module 7: Advanced Custom Shape Design

  • 7.1  Creating New Shapes
  • 7.2  Revising Existing Shapes
  • 7.3  Locking and Protecting Shapes
  • 7.4  Creating Custom Stencils
  • 7.5  Adding Shapes to the Stencil
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