About the course

This course gives you the complete knowledge to use SharePoint to manage your projects in easy, timely and successfully.

What I am going to get from this course

  • Plan, manage and close requirements for a project in short and qualified way
  • Know good techniques to minimize project uncertainty and risks
  • Ensure your project delivers required functionality and adds value to the business
  • Create an environment of self-management for your team that will be able to continuously align the delivered
  • product or services with desired business needs, easily adapting to changing requirements throughout the process.

What is the target audience?

  • Executives, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Business and IT stakeholders engaged in improving the delivery of products and services that meet user needs through the use of Microsoft SharePoint; Anyone who needs to build his/her Business Analysis skills; anyone who needs to schedule his/her project in SharePoint


Module 1: Available Roles in a SharePoint Project

  • 1.1  The Opportunities and Challenges of a SharePoint Project
  • 1.2   The Business analysis Process
  • 1.3   BA role vs. Project Manager Role
  • 1.4   BA / PM competencies

Module 2: Understanding SharePoint Requirements

  • 2.1  Business
  • 2.2   User
  • 2.3   Functional
  • 2.4   Quality-of-service and implementation requirements
  • 2.5   Requirements vs. specifications Requirements vs. business rules
  • 2.6   Risk management and risk response strategies

Module 3: SharePoint Requirements Modeling

  • 3.1  Identify high level scope
  • 3.2   Identify initial requirements stack
  • 3.3   Identify an architectural vision
  • 3.4   Plan your iteration

Module 4: Change Management Process

  • 4.1  Managing the Solution Scope and Requirements
  • 4.2   Capturing the Requirements Traceability
  • 4.3   Maintaining the Requirements for re-use
  • 4.4   Managing Requirements Conflicts
  • 4.5   Preparing the Requirements Package

Module 5: Assessing and Validating Requirements

  • 5.1  Validating and verifying SharePoint Requirements
  • 5.2   Creating a master test plan
  • 5.3   Create test scenarios and test cases
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