About the course

In the Advance course for Macros and VBA in MS Excel, we will teach you how to enhance hundreds of Built-In Spreadsheet Functions by creating new functions and tasks. Macro is a prerecorded set of actions that you can repeat, typically recorded from the user interface, whereas VBA is a scripting programming language used to create the Macro. Other software programs use VBA structure and concepts, including MS Word, AutoCAD.

What am I going to get from this course?

In this course, you will get over 50 lectures and 6 hours of content, and obtain practical knowledge about:
  • How to automate Excel functions by adding VBA projects to your workbooks.
  • How to apply the VBA programming language to interact with a user;
  • Create custom user forms and use ActiveX controls;
  • How to manipulate the content of Cells;
  • How to respond to the workbook, worksheet and application events;
  • Perform cross-application tasks;
  • Practice with real-life examples

What are the requirements?

It is an introductory programming course. Experience using Excel, and it's primary functions.  

What is the target audience?

  • Join us if you already use Excel and what to make your everyday tasks faster and if you are working with a large number of records. This course will be useful for Project Managers, Business Analysts, Testers.


Module 1: Introduction

  • 1.1  Introduction Of Macros
  • 1.2   Vb Editor
  • 1.3   Project Explorer
  • 1.4   Project Properties
  • 1.5   Project Modules
  • 1.6   Sub Procedure
  • 1.7   Cell Color
  • 1.8   Border
  • 1.9   Alignments
  • 1.10   Cells And Range Arguments
  • 1.11   Cells Arguments

Module 2: Working With Variables

  • 2.1  Dimension(Dim) Declaration
  • 2.2   Integer
  • 2.3  Long
  • 2.4  Single
  • 2.5  Double Declaration
  • 2.6   String Variables Declaration
  • 2.7   Msgbox
  • 2.8   Cells Using Loop
  • 2.9   Two Range's Or Multiple Range's

Module 3: Accessing Sheet And Workbook

  • 3.1  If Condition
  • 3.2   Working With Sheet To Sheet
  • 3.3   Working With Sheet To Multiple Sheets
  • 3.4   Working With Workbook To Workbook
  • 3.5   Sheets Creation
  • 3.6   Deletion Day

Module 4: Macros

  • 4.1  Macros Create
  • 4.2   Edit
  • 4.3  Delete
  • 4.4   Using Multiple Loops
  • 4.5   Goto Command
  • 4.6  Sample Project
  • 4.7   Based On Covered Topics

Module 5: Introduction Of Vba Components

  • 5.1  Form Controls
  • 5.2   Command Button
  • 5.3   List Box
  • 5.4   Hlookup
  • 5.5   Combo Box
  • 5.6   Match
  • 5.7   Option Button
  • 5.8   Active X Controls

Module 6: Projects

  • 6.1  Sample Project
  • 6.2   Based On Covered Topics

Module 7: VBA Integration

  • 7.1  User Form To User Form Integration
  • 7.2   User Form To Sub Procedure Integration
  • 7.3   User Form Protection
  • 7.4   Vba Coding Protection

Module 8: Handling Macros

  • 8.1  Record Macro
  • 8.2   Editing Recorded Coding
  • 8.3   How To Use Recorded Coding Use To Our Programming
  • 8.4   Macros
  • 8.5   Macros In All Open Workbooks
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