About the course

During and after completing this course you will be able to
  • Understand what automation mean? When to use it?
  • Set selenium web driver, grid, write test scripts along with different frameworks.
  • Use selenium with Maven, Jenkins, and git for continuous integration and delivery.
  • Manage any web element with different events like click and context click, get and set, drag and drop.
  • Use selenium with different frameworks like keyword, data-driven, page object modeling.
  • Use text file, excel file, a database for any driving test.
  • You will be able to apply test-driven and behavioral driven test using cucumber.
Please check the curriculum for more information..

Audience and Requirements

  • QA, BA and anyone who is interested to know or use selenium for automation testing.
  • Needs prior knowledge of software testing fundamentals. Look “Fundamentals of Software Testing”  from our portal.

Training Highlights

  • Mentorship will be available through training and after training
  • You will be working on functional automation on different projects
  • You will practice on interview questions and secession from day one


Module 1: Introduction to Automation Testing

  • 1.1  What automation testing?
  • 1.2  Automation vs manual testing
  • 1.3  Advantage and disadvantage of automation testing
  • 1.4  Metrics for automation testing
  • 1.5  Available tools for automation testing

Module 2: Selenium Introduction

  • 2.1  Selenium child_secE
  • 2.2  Selenium Webdriver
  • 2.3  Selenium Grchild_sec

Module 3: Setup Selenium Webdriver in Eclipse

  • 3.1  Downloading Selenium Webdriver
  • 3.2  Import webdriver to Eclipse
  • 3.3  Running your first selenium test using python

Module 4: Running Selenium webdriver in multi browsers

  • 4.1  Firefox
  • 4.2  Chrome
  • 4.3  IE
  • 4.4  Safari
  • 4.5  HtmlUnitDriver

Module 5: Selenium WebDriver Commands

  • 5.1  Opening a URL using WebDriver
  • 5.2  Managing a browser
  • 5.3  Finding the title of webpage
  • 5.4  Navigating forward
  • 5.5   backward and refresh webpages pages
  • 5.6  findElement by locators
  • 5.7  Working with input box: read
  • 5.8   write and clear text
  • 5.9  Clicking on an element
  • 5.10  Reading attributes and css values( like color
  • 5.11   font size) of an element
  • 5.12  Managing alerts
  • 5.13   frames and other windows

Module 6: Selenium waiting elements

  • 6.1  Implicit wait
  • 6.2  Explicit wait

Module 7: Selenium Assertion and Valchild_section

Module 8: Operating on listbox/dropdown box and comboboxs

Module 9: Action controlling

  • 9.1  Performing Context/right click
  • 9.2  Performing mouseover action
  • 9.3  Performing drag and drop action

Module 10: Event listener and triggers

  • 10.1  Onclick
  • 10.2  On mouseover and others

Module 11: Inspecting elements on websites

  • 11.1  Using browser inspector Using xPath
  • 11.2   firePath and fireBugs xPath helper

Module 12: Logging using log4j

  • 12.1  Introduction to logging
  • 12.2  Download and import Log4j
  • 12.3  Writing test cases with Log4j
  • 12.4  Log4j manager
  • 12.5  Log4j appenders
  • 12.6  Log4j logger

Module 13: Selenium Grchild_sec

  • 13.1  Server and Client setup for distributed testing
  • 13.2  Selenium Grchild_sec command to start selenium as a server and client

Module 14: PyUnit: Python Unit testing

  • 14.1  Unit testing introduction
  • 14.2  Unittest introduction
  • 14.3  Unittest complete example using Eclipse
  • 14.4  u=Unittest Decorators
  • 14.5  Unittest main Assertions
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