About the course

During and after completing this course you will be able to:
  • Learn Object Oriented Programming concept
  • Install visual studio along with C#.
  • Understand, code, compile, run and debug C# programs.
  • Hands-on  Operators, Conditionals, Loops to solve challenges.
  • Practical usage of Methods, Class, and Objects for solutions.
  • Use access modifiers for security and inheritance.
  • Read and write data from Console, Text file, Excel, and Database.
  • Use different types of Arrays, Class String, and regular expression.
  • Know how to use different modules to solve different challenges.
Please check the curriculum for more information.

Audience and Requirements

  • This course is for people who want to make a career in C#.
  • People on a team who want to learn C#, but who aren't looking to go for hard coding in C# application but as Testers, Managers, Business Analysts, Front End Developers, Designers, etc.
  • No prior knowledge needed but strong desire to learn.

Training Highlights

  • Mentorship will be provided throughout the training.
  • You will be working with live projects.
  • You will practice on interview questions and secession from day one


Module 1: Introduction to C#

  • 1.1  Programming concept
  • 1.2  Installing C# with visual studio
  • 1.3  Creating project
  • 1.4  Creating namespace
  • 1.5  Writing and executing first C# program
  • 1.6  Importing and exporting files and projects
  • 1.7  Understanding C# class and code syntax

Module 2: Data types,variables and conversion

  • 2.1  Character
  • 2.2  Integer
  • 2.3  Double
  • 2.4  String
  • 2.5  Boolean
  • 2.6  C# Array
  • 2.7   List and Arraylist
  • 2.8  Data conversion
  • 2.9  Casting and iterators

Module 3: C# Operators

  • 3.1  Assignment operators
  • 3.2  Arithmetic operators
  • 3.3  Bitwise operators
  • 3.4  Logical operators

Module 4: C# Conditions

  • 4.1  if … else
  • 4.2  switch … case

Module 5: C# Loops and controls

  • 5.1  for...loop
  • 5.2  Nested for... loop
  • 5.3  while... loop
  • 5.4  do... while... loop
  • 5.5  Breaking and continue loops and exit from program

Module 6: C# Methods

Module 7: Access Modifiers

  • 7.1  Public
  • 7.2  Protected
  • 7.3   Default and Private
  • 7.4  Static
  • 7.5  Final

Module 8: Structure of OOPs in C#

  • 8.1  Understanding what Object Oriented mean
  • 8.2  Defining a Class and creating Objects
  • 8.3  Constructors
  • 8.4  Interface
  • 8.5  Abstract class
  • 8.6  Overriding and Overloading
  • 8.7  Polymorphism in C#
  • 8.8  Inheritance: extends and implements

Module 9: C# String Class

Module 10: C# regular expression

Module 11: C# read and write using Scanner, Console and BufferReader

Module 12: Using Apache POI to read and write from excel file

Module 13: JDBC to manipulate databases

Module 14: C# Socket programming for network operation

Module 15: C# tips and tricks

  • 15.1  Tricks for number manipulation
  • 15.2  Tricks for string manipulation
  • 15.3  C# singleton
  • 15.4  C# getter and setter
  • 15.5  C# annotations
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