Cucumber is an advance Test Driven Framework(TDD)  that supports Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). It allows us to define issues using a simple English grammar and then generates an equivalent code (method/function), which will be used as a frame/skeleton by developers to write their code. During and after completing this course you will be able to

  • Understand what TDD and BDD mean?
  • Understand the architecture of cucumber and learn how cucumber implements BDD.
  • Install and configure cucumber with maven,  eclipse, java, and Junit.
  • Define scenarios in step definition file and use special words.
  • Generate the skeleton code from step definition and put to features file.
  • Write appropriate test code in features file.
  • Use different parameterizations for data driven test.
  • Define step definition/glue and features file under JUnit test runner.

Please check the curriculum for more information.

Audience and Requirements:

Training Highlights:

  • Mentorship will be available through training and after training
  • You will be working on different projects with cucumber functional automation.
  • You will practice interview questions from day one.