About the course

Cucumber is an advance Test Driven Framework(TDD)  that supports Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). It allows us to define issues using a simple English grammar and then generates an equivalent code (method/function), which will be used as a frame/skeleton by developers to write their code. During and after completing this course you will be able to
  • Understand what TDD and BDD mean?
  • Understand the architecture of cucumber and learn how cucumber implements BDD.
  • Install and configure cucumber with maven,  eclipse, java, and Junit.
  • Define scenarios in step definition file and use special words.
  • Generate the skeleton code from step definition and put to features file.
  • Write appropriate test code in features file.
  • Use different parameterizations for data driven test.
  • Define step definition/glue and features file under JUnit test runner.
Please check the curriculum for more information.

Audience and Requirements

Training Highlights

  • Mentorship will be available through training and after training
  • You will be working on different projects with cucumber functional automation.
  • You will practice interview questions from day one.


Module 1: Introduction

  • 1.1  What is TDD(Test Driven Development)
  • 1.2  Importance of TDD
  • 1.3  What is BDD(Behavioural Driven Development)
  • 1.4  BDD vs TDD
  • 1.5  Cucumber for BDD

Module 2: Cucumber installation and configuration

Module 3: Architecture

  • 3.1  Features file
  • 3.2  Step Definition
  • 3.3  TestRunner

Module 4: Complete step to create first cucumber test

  • 4.1  Define features in features file
  • 4.2  Generate Step Definition
  • 4.3  Create a class and copy paste step definitions
  • 4.4  Write each step definition code
  • 4.5  Create a Junit TestRunner class
  • 4.6  Configure junit to run with cucumber
  • 4.7  Include step features file
  • 4.8  Include step definition
  • 4.9  Run it
  • 4.10  See the report

Module 5: Components of Features file

  • 5.1  Feature
  • 5.2  Background
  • 5.3  Scenario and Scenario Outline

Module 6: Cucumber parameterization

  • 6.1  Inline parameters
  • 6.2  Without "Examples" keyword
  • 6.3  With "Examples" keyword
  • 6.4  Through data tables
  • 6.5  From excel file
  • 6.6  From XML file
  • 6.7  From JSON file

Module 7: Step definition

  • 7.1  Generating step definition
  • 7.2  Methods with parameters
  • 7.3  Regular expression

Module 8: Mapping data table to class objects

Module 9: Test runner from Junit

  • 9.1  Junit run as cucumber
  • 9.2  Cucumber options

Module 10: Cucumber with TestNG

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