2) Explain each phase of SDLC?

The phase of SDLC are:
a) Requirement Gathering & Analysis
During this phase all the important information is collected from the client/ customer to build the product as per their expectation. Business Analyst and Project Manager set up a meeting with the client/customer to gather all the information- like what they want in product, who will be the end user. once the requirement gathering is done ,an analysis is done to check the development of the product, once the requirement is clearly understood an SRS( Software Requirement specification) document is created.
b) Design
Based on the requirement a design is created.
c) Implementation/Coding
Implementation/coding starts once the Developer gets the design document. The design is translated into a source code. all the components of software are implemented in this phase.
d) Testing
Testing starts once the coding is complete and modules are released for testing.During this phase QA/testing team may find bugs/defects which they will communicate to developers .The development team fixes the bug and again gives back to QA for re test. This process continues until the software is bug free or stable and it is working according to the requirement of the client.
e) Deployment/ Release
Once the testing phase is complete and there are no bugs or errors left then the final deployment process starts. once the feedback is given then the final software is ready for release.
f) Maintenance
After the deployment of the Product if any issue comes up that needs to be taken care of or maintainence of the product that it has to be done by the developers.