How To learn Data Science In 8 Easy Steps

Before starting the discussing on how to learn Data science & what are career paths, let’s talk what is data science? Data science is a buzzword but let me tell you it’s more than a buzzword it can take your career on to next level in very easy steps. It is a simple definition but must be easy to understand. But to become a Data Scientist, you have to learn 8 set of skill at-least and they are as follow:

  1. Identifying Data And The Problem.
  2. Programming Language
  3. Database
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Visualization Tool
  6. Big Data Basics
  7. Problem Solving
  8. Communication Skill ( Most Important)

Yes! We know after reading this, you must be thinking how the hell it is easy it has a course itself in every point. Big Courses that is. Well, let us make a few points to make it easy for you.

  1. Highest paying job
  2. You don’t need all at once
  3. You learn one by one each tool, Just learn and master it later
  4. Communication… this part is most important which people don’t give weight-age as you have to explain the data and your find outs to the whole team.

So Let Me Start With All The Steps

1. Identifying Data And The Problem

What we call to know your domain and be clear about the keyword you gonna face again and again from the domain. Then try to figure what is it the client wanna know for real.

2. Programming Language

We got 3 options for you, you can choose from 3 languages

  1. Sas
  2. R
  3. Python.

But we all know if you choose python, that will be the best decision and if another language is your thing, you can choose that too without thinking too deep into it. All languages get the job done so do not worry about it. Just choose one and be good at it.

3. Database

Choose one to just be able to handle the database and be able to manage the required job. Choose SQL, NoSQL but again if we have to suggest I think PostgreSQL is better and it works awesome with python.

4. Machine Learning

No machine learning project ever work without converting every word to the digit. Just saying, but you must know machine learning is a stop if you want to complete data science project this is almost the last technical step we have in any project.

5. Visualization Tool

Most important part if you have a non-technical people as audience, these tools allow you to get the job done in a more interactive way, images are the beast when you want to explain a work or any topic. Even a 10-year-old child of predicting what’s happening when it sees a painting, Right!.

6. Big Data Basics

The database is the backbone of starting any work and you have to work accordingly. So knowing some big data concept can be a game changer for you.

7. Problem Solving

You did all that just to solve a problem someone has so that should be the goal in each step, the solution should be precise and to the point and 100-time crystal clear to understand. Always remember that the one who is sitting in front of you while you are explaining can be anyone. It may be your client, a salesperson, someone technical or maybe someone completely non-technical. That is why communication plays an important role you a person of any mental level should be able to understand your comment in the first shot.

8.Communication Skill ( Most Important)

Why did I said it’s the most important step to cover, well because without this mastery your solution is useless and all work what you will do, that will be zero because as you know people must be able to understand exactly what you are trying to say. The first thing about communication is people must understand what you are trying to communicate to them, Isn’t it.`


Well, We tried to cover as an easy way of explaining as possible to become a data scientist with all the required steps you need to take. Will bring more knowledge to this domain keep following ITLEARN360. Thank you and see you soon.

Bonus Tip

For becoming a data scientist, you don’t have to master all above, just basic of most are required and you can start learning the skill with working okay.

Happy Learning !!! 

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