Machine Learning For Data Sciecne

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Machine Learning is one of the most in-demand skill as no one wants to go for rule-based AI tools any more i.e machine that decides what to do on the bases of what we have preset. The problem with that approach is that we can not build any model which is to complex for example facial recognition and that is just one issue that you would face, predefining each possible step is so much time consuming but in machine learning you teach a machine to do work as per your requirements and when machine face a new situation it react as per what it has learned in past for example:
A=2 B=4
A=3 B=9
A=4 B=16
A=5 B=??
Our machine algorithm will solve this for us, is that great, think about it it can go as long as it wants to it will solve all.
Remember machine learning is not errored free but still, it's far more capable, that we are ready to risk that.

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    Who can choose this career

    Professionals, Students or anyone who has an interest in Machine Learning algorithm.


    One must know algorithms and math basic to learn machine learning. Having a decent knowledge of python can be a blessing.

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