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Appium overview

APPIUM is a freely distributed open source mobile application UI Testing framework. Appium allows native, hybrid and web application testing and supports automation test on physical devices as well as an emulator or simulator both. It offers cross-platform application testing, i.e. single API works for both Android and iOS platform test scripts. It has NO dependency on Mobile device OS. Because APPIUM has framework or wrapper that translate Selenium Webdriver commands into UIAutomation (iOS) or UIAutomator (Android) commands depending on the device type, not any OS type.

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Pricing details

Pricing model for this product is Open source

Product Attributes


Appium has no dependency on mobile OS whether it is android or IOS.

It supports multiple programming language like java, python, ruby , C# etc.

Supports automation of hybrid, native and web apps

Open Source and huge community support

Selenium webdriver compatible

Supports multiple test framework


Appium configuration is a bit complex and tricky some times to implement all kind of mobile OS versions

There should be some utility to compare screens of mobile apps

A skilled automation tester is required to build the quality code for automating mobile test cases

Product Features

  1. The same tools can be connected with 3rd party cloud services and also real devices
  2. Open Source - Due to no fee the organisation is able to save lot of money by automating testing
  3. It provide support for Selenium client libraries like- Java, Objective-C, JavaScript with node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, etc.
  4. Appium supports many languages.


  1. For testing multiple Mobile OS versions like Andro
  2. To connect with 3rd party cloud services(Testing 1
  3. To integrate into the same framework with Selenium
  4. To implement automation of different app types, li


Appium is a wrapper of selenium and is available for mobile based applications. It has also the similar features as selenium has for website automation. Together both provide a combined solution for automating web and mobile apps. Can provide end to end automation with a single automation framework. It supports almost all renowned programming languages available in the market. Also easily integrated with CI/CD tool architecture.