AWS Cloud Formation

Amazon Web Services

AWS Cloud Formation overview

Cloud Formation is an inbuilt service of AWS which is used for orchestrating of the AWS Infrastructure. Cloud Formation is the implementation of Infrastru as code. In Cloud Formation you just need to write a template in JSON or YAML which defines what resources you need to provision and deployment is taken care by cloud formation


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Pricing details

Pricing model for this product is Freemium

Product Attributes



1) All in One: One can model all resources in a single text file and can be used invariably anywhere.

2) Automatable: The templates are completely reusable which can be built as well as rebuilt any number of times without any scripting.

3) All it is a Code: The template is just a code and can be easily maintained and version-controlled as per usage.

4) CloudFormation is free to use.


1) Soft limit of 200 Resources

2) Difficult to write Cloud Formation.


Product Features

  1. Safety controls
  2. Build serverless applications with SAM
  3. Authoring with familiar programming languages
  4. Authoring with JSON/YAML
  5. Cross account & cross-region management


  1. Infrastructure Versioning
  2. Infrastructure Provisioning