Bootstrap overview

Bootstrap is one of the most popular open-source CSS frameworks. I was created by Twitter developers and initially released in 2011. Bootstrap includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript components and allows to create responsive websites of all complexities and sizes. It’s also very accessible to those who are just getting started in web development.


Bootstrap screenshot(s)

Pricing details

Pricing model for this product is Open source

Product Attributes


1 – Saves Time

2 – Bootstrap Encourages Consistency

3 – Better Teamwork

4 – Bootstrap Offers an Excellent Grid System

5 – Responsiveness


1 – Every Bootstrap Website Looks Similar

2 – Has a Learning Curve

3 – Can be Heavy

Product Features

  1. Responsive features
  2. Mobile-Friendly
  3. Simple Integration
  4. Pre-styled Components
  5. Customizable Bootstrap
  6. Browser compatibility
  7. Great grid system
  8. Bundled JavaScript plugins
  9. Extensive list of components
  10. Base styling for most HTML elements
  11. Good documentation
  12. Easy to use


  1. Compilers
  2. Installers
  3. Overlay networks
  4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  5. Business
  6. Software development