Cypress overview

Cypress, a JavaScript End to End Testing Framework. Cypress is a front end automated testing application created for the modern web. It is built on top of Mocha and Chai, which are again a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on and in the browser, making asynchronous testing simple and fun.

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Product Attributes


Unlike other testing frameworks, Cypress doesn’t run outside of the browser executing remote commands across the network.

It uses the same run loop as your application instead.

Using built-in Node.js server, it reads and modifies web traffic while operating on the network layer of tests running in the browser.



Cypress is relatively new, and it does not have the vast community that selenium does.

Product Features

  1. Cypress Dashboard Service
  2. Test Recording Support
  3. Test Parallelization Support
  4. Cypress provides a robust, complete framework for running automated tests but takes some of the freedom out of Selenium by confining the user to specific frameworks and languages.


  1. Cypress opens the test in a browser installed on y