ZURB Foundation

Foundation overview

Foundation began as an internal CSS style guide guide created by the ZURB design agency. Foundation is a good choice if you’re looking for a flexible and powerful framework that wouldn’t limit you in any way.


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Pricing details

Product Attributes


Foundation lets you customize your website without making it look similar to other websites that have used Foundation. The out of the box CSS design is more of a flat design and looks good right away and you don’t even have to customize heavily.

The base CSS appearances are built in and there won’t be much CSS bloat in the HTML.

Flexible grids

Centered Columns.

Adding a ‘collapse’ class will allow you to easily collapse columns and remove gutters.

A block sized grid will allow you to create equal sized columns with minimal markup.


Foundation provides you with a HTML5 form validation library.

Website navigation can be easily placed to the side of the website to make it hidden.

Readymade table that shows prices for products that are based on subscription.

User experience can be customized because website loads different media for different devices/screen sizes.

Multi-lingual website because Foundation allows you to choose languages that are written from the right to the left.

Foundation will let you give a joyride of your website to your visitors.

Additional services

The Foundation team offers services and courses as a form of support.

Various online training courses for Foundation and other web technologies are also provided.


Due to the popularity of Bootstrap, the community support for Twitter Bootstrap is better than Foundation.

It may take some time for beginners to learn and use Foundation.

There is a lack of wider support like QA sites and forums for fixing issues.

There is not much support for QA sites and troubleshooting issues.

Product Features

  1. Python Web-framework
  2. SEO Optimised
  3. High Scalability
  4. Versatile in Nature
  5. Offers High Security
  6. Thoroughly Tested
  7. Provides Rapid Development
  8. Excellent Documentation


  1. We decided that Foundation would be built on Sass