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Postman overview

Postman is a scalable API testing platform, where you can develop API with seamless integration to CI/CD pipeline. In the year 2012, it was started as a side project by Abhinav Asthana to ease of the API workflow in testing & development.

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which simply allow any software application to communicate with each other or perform request response via API calls.

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Pricing details

Pricing model for this product is Free trial

Product Attributes


Execute HTTP requests seamlessly using a lightweight client.

Configure HTTP request headers and body payloads easily.

The user interface is complicated, especially when you need to dig into one of the many settings.


Limited testing area: Postman is a good option for RESTful API tests. However, it is not designed for SOAP APIs or any other APIs.

Product Features

  1. Accessibility - Postman is a UI bsaed app and it is very easy to access and use. Login from you account, and you can access all the API collection, which can be accessed from anywhere. Use of Collections - Postman lets users create collections for their A
  2. Environment Setup & Mock-server Option
  3. CI & CD practices are maintained
  4. Automation Testing - Using Collection Runner / Newman, tests can be rautomated several times.
  5. Collaboration - Collections & environments can be imported / exported very easily to share the file. Direct link is also available to share collections.
  6. Debugging - Postman console provides an option for debugging, to check which data has been retrieved, thus making it easy to debug tests.


  1. Testing API call & Writing Test Scripts
  2. Software Application or Patch Integration
  3. Building API for a new product