Selenium WebDriver


Selenium WebDriver overview

Selenium is the most widely used free open source web application testing tool used for functional testing. It is an umbrella project encapsulating a variety of tools and libraries enabling web browser automation. This “open source” application was created by Jason Huggins, (2004) in order to overcome the inefficiency of manual testing of software. 

Quality Assurance

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Pricing details

Pricing model for this product is Open source

Product Attributes


Selenium is supported by programming languages.

Seamless integration with other testing frameworks.

Cross Browser Support 

Huge Online Community or Support


No default testing framework - Requires Third Party Frameworks

Unable to integrate Continuous Testing

Product Features

  1. Handling Alerts Window
  2. Browser Automation
  3. Navigating Web Pages
  4. Locating Web Elements
  5. Performing Actions (Read, Write, Click, and more)


  1. Creating & Enhancing Test Cases