TestNG overview

TestNG is a testing framework designed in the Java programming language. This testing framework is easily integrated with the Selenium WebDriver framework of Java and provides assertion libraries for automation testing.

Inspired by JUnit, the TestNG libraries consist of many annotations which helps the control flow of the testing script. Also, it provides the option for  running testing suites by using the xml format code. 

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Pricing details

Pricing model for this product is Open source

Product Attributes


Multi-Threaded Test Supported

Flexible test configuration

Support for data-driven testing (@DataProvider annotation)

Powerful execution model (can run with or without Test Suite)

Supports Page Object Model for writing test scripts


TestNG is one of best testing framework, but it does not suppot BDD architecture for automation testing.

Product Features

  1. Seamless Integration with different testing framework
  2. Hierarchical Test Reporting
  3. Supports a variety of tools and IDEs (Eclipse, Maven, etc...)
  4. Parameterized Test Support
  5. Default JDK functions


  1. Next Generation Java Testing
  2. Run both, single test or Test Suite
  3. When assertions are required in the Test Script