Found by Bram Moolenaar

Vim overview

Vim is an easy to configure text editor that allows to quickly create and change any kind of text. It comes built-in as "vi" with most UNIX systems and with Apple OS X.


Vim screenshot(s)

Pricing details

Pricing model for this product is Open source

Product Attributes


Vim is already installed on any Unix-like system, which means you can edit files directly on a server (a genuine superpower) Vim is lightweight compared to most text editors and IDEs, so it runs fast and efficiently on even the most modest hardware


Sometimes, while developing HTML/CSS-based applications the SIDE preview plugin does not work properly.

Would be nice if it had better Java support, the extension is getting close but still not as good as Eclipse.

Not a fan of many of the default shortcut keys (e.g. find all references).


It would be nice to create folders within Microsoft Visual Studio Code instead of creating them on your computer first.

Would be nice to use sticky keys so you can save CLs and your program name instead of typing it each time.

It autosaves some things I never intended to save like random code thoughts which is kind of annoying.


Product Features

  1. extensive plugin system
  2. support for hundreds of programming languages and file formats
  3. powerful search and replace
  4. integrates with many tools
  5. persistent, multi-level undo tree


  1. I have been using VS Code for the past 5 years, an
  2. It is very light and free, offered by Microsoft.
  3. We have been continuously working with this IDE to
  4. We have been using this IDE to develop Django-base
  5. It has variety of programming language syntax high