Top 5 IT career options for NON-IT candidates

We all like to see some changes in our life for better career growth & for a better future. We look out the new job that can help us to build a good career as well as reduce the life load. A job with good pay is not enough for us, we also want a good environment, awesome teammates and appreciation & inspiration for good work.

But it is hard to choose which job domains are good for us or in what skills we need expertise for a good career? We cannot compete in the job market with the only graduation. Besides, lack of skills you may lose a good job. We can find many short-term, affordable courses help us find a job. Besides, we should be able to choose the right domain, which can help us with long-term.

The way, Organization are adopting IT services. It is generating jobs with decent pay in the IT industry with all things what we look in every job so we can wok there with a happy mind. But it is hard to Apart from the technical job, there are more career options In the IT industry.

But here are some career options what candidates can choose one of them to build a great career & give the right direction for your future.

Quality Assurance (QA) / Software testing
Quality Assurance (QA) / Software testing job is in top 3 happiest jobs. The job responsibility of the job is to test application to prevent mistakes or defects and fix them before the production phase. Before the production phase, we need to test applications in various ways like functionality testing, performance testing or load testing etc. If coding is not the big concern for you then QA will be the good option as a career. After this training/certification, You can be a

  1. Manual Tester
  2. Functional Tester
  3. Performance Tester
  4. Backend Tester
  5. Quality Analyst etc.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is like online marketing where we need to market client applications or websites. The field of digital marketing is growing exponentially from all directions. There are endless opportunities for everyone in digital marketing field. No coding requires in this field. All you need to know some concepts like onsite, offsite SEO, social media marketing and you will be a Digital marketing manager. After the Digital marketing training, you can be a:

  1. Digital Marketing Manager
  2. SEO Specialist
  3. Social Media Marketing Specialist
  4. Social media Influencer etc.

Scrum master
Scrum master follows the Agile framework that provides the facility of easy implementation it means his perks do not only work for Organization but also for the customers and team members. A professional scrum master knows how to make the working place more enjoyable for his team so they can be work happily and the quality of the product will be improved and possibility innovation will be greater.
Scrum master career path is not set, he can be

  1. A mentor
  2. Team coach
  3. Product Owner
  4. Product Manager
  5. Scrum master etc.

Business Analyst
Business Analyst is the one who solves a current or future problem of organization and helps facilitate a solution. A business analyst gathers the business’ requirements, conditions and capabilities, documenting them in a consistent order, and present them a useful way for the team that will eventually design and deliver the solution. To Become a Business Analyst, all you need to do Business analyst certifications and you can be

  1. Operations Manager
  2. Product Owner
  3. Management Consultant
  4. Project Manager

Here are some more career options for individuals, with sound experience in the business analysis like:

  • Business Competency Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Business Architect
  • Program Manager

and in some cases, you can be a Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer.

AWS Cloud Engineer
AWS has changed the look of the IT industry with its cloud services. AWS certifications are in high demand. You don’t need to know coding skills for AWS certifications. All you need to know AWS concepts & services and you will be AWS Cloud Engineer.
You can start your career with AWS practitioner followed by as AWS cloud Architect or AWS developer.   
Please read out our article Why AWS Certifications Are Important For IT Professional to know how AWS certifications are important. This article is for IT professionals as well as those individuals who want to start the career in IT and please read also Why IT Certifications Are Important To Launch Your Tech Career article to how why & which certifications will be good for you to start your career in IT industry.

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