AWS Compute EC2 service Free Webinar - Advanced concepts

Webinar Status: Scheduled on 12 Mar,2019 10:00 AM   
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ITlearn360 is inviting you to attend the live webinar on AWS EC2: Advanced Concepts. In this webinar, Our experts will discuss AWS EC2 service’s advanced concepts, terminologies & exam tips for AWS Solutions Architect Certification exam.

Please check Webina document pdf:

Here are the following topics listed below, which we discussed:
1. Access AWS EC2 Instance through Putty in windows
2. AWS EBS Lifecycle manager
3. EC2 CLI
4. EC2 instance metadata
5. Key pairs
6. Network Interfaces
7. What is ELB?
8. ELB types
9. ELB configuration
10. ELB tips
11. ELB Target groups
12. High Availability with EC2 Autoscaling
13. Autoscaling tips
14. EC2 tips for AWS Solutions Architect certification.

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