AWS EC2: the backbone of AWS Live Webinar

Webinar Status: Scheduled on 05 Mar,2019 10:00 AM   
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ITlearn360 conducted live webinar on AWS EC2: the backbone of AWS. In this webinar, we discussed about AWS EC2 service’s concepts & terminologies for AWS Solutions Architect Certification exam & also conducted one Q/A session at the end of the webinar. The following discussed in the webinar, which is listed below:

  • EC2 introduction backbone of AWS
  • EC2 Marketplace
  • EC2 options
  • EC2 types
  • EBS
  • EBS Volume types
  • EC2 instance lab with free tier instance
  • EC2 instance creation flow explanation
  • EC2 Termination protection
  • EC2 public & static IP address allocation
  • EC2 tags
  • EC2 networking configuration
  • EC2 instance backup
  • EBS backup snapshot
  • Launching Instance through instance backup image.
  • Launching instance through EBS volume backup snapshot: Cross region
  • EC2 CLI
  • EC2 instance metadata

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