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Cloud instance security

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Best course till now. I am very happy with this course.

This course is designed to secure your instances in the Cloud environment. By this course, you will be able to secure your instances by using different methods in the different scenarios. This course will help you to define conditions to prevent attacks like ssh attack, Invalid logins etc.

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What will I learn?

  • Understanding of different methods to secure Cloud instance.
  • Able to define the method to secure instance by ssh keys & provide the passphrase in ssh key.
  • Able to integrate MFA(Multi-factor authentication) by using Authy or Google Authenticator.
  • Able to define the condition to prevent ssh attack like Block user after 3 invalid logins.
  • Able to allow a single user login at a time.
  • Able to define external firewall by defining inbound and outbound rules in the security group.

For more information please check this curriculum.


Cloud platforms made our job easy by providing various Compute service by creating instance & deploy our applications in a short time. But the security of instance is a major concern. If the hacker knows the IP address of our instance, he will start ssh attacks. Once he gets the access, he will either install malware or destroy the data. But if Cloud providers found unusual traffic on your instance then Cloud providers will stop your services from their end even your VM works fine. Obviously, this will take time to launch the new instance and money or maybe it will impact your users’ traffic. To prevent such type of attacks, we need to set up security majors. This course will help you to define or set up the security methods to secure the instance & prevent the attacks.

Audience & Requirements

  • Must have knowledge of Linux
  • Must have knowledge of AWS resources & terminologies.
  • A Windows, Linux or Mac PC/Laptop.
  • If you are the AWS developer, Architect or sysops administrator, you can take this course.
  • If you are fresher and want to make the career in IT security then you can take this course.
Student feedback
  • Direct & to-the-point
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Happy Faces
  • Video Quality


Best course till now. I am very happy with this course.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Cloud Instance Security 

    • ssh keys
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    • Securing ssh key with passphrase
    • Using google authenicator for 2 factor authentication
    • Securing inbound and outbound rules in security group
    • Allowing a single user login at a time
    • Using last pass to save our .pem files
    • Making a non – sudo user to login using ssh
    • Block user after 3 invalid logins
    • SSH Port Changing
    • Port Security

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Cloud instance security

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