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Power BI

Before we explain even a word about POWER BI do you remember watching your books when you where very young, the whole story was explained to you by images, Ever wonder why? Let us help you understand the logic. Any story in the world is best explained by images. And the reason for that is as human we are best learned by visualization. Graph, bar, pie charts will give you the insight into what's going on in the system. POWER BI is a well known and very powerful tool known in analysis and business intelligence world. Business Intelligence aka BI Analyst. And career paths are as follows:-

  1. BIPM (Business Intelligence Project Manager)
  2. BID (Business Intelligence Developer)
  3. SSBI ( SQL Server Business Intelligence)
  4. Power View-Master
  5. BIA (Business Intelligence Administrator)
  6. BIM ( Business Intelligence Manager)
  7. BIC (Business Intelligence Consultant).
  8. Any job that has involvement of visualization presentation like Data Science etc


  • Live interaction with Industry leadershipIncludes live Master Classes and Ask me anything sessions
  • 100+ hours of live interactive learningLive Online classes by industry experts
  • With real time projectsBuilt on datasets of various scenarios & real time problems
  • ITlearn360 JobAssistGet noticed by the top hiring companies

Who can choose this career

Professionals, Students, Analysers, Presentation Related jobs or anyone who wants to know or learn about Visualization.


Just basic understanding of excel and its formula can be great to pick up phase if you don't have any experience dint worry we have covered all from the very basic.

Learning Path

  • Course 1

    Power BI

    Power BI is a business analytics tool that allow you to visualize all insight of data and make the prediction of the future as per requirement, and all big decisions are made like that in today's world.
    Course curriculum

    Module 1: Visualization

    • 1.1  Introduction Of Visualization Tool
    • 1.1  Introduction Of Power BI
    • 1.1  Where To Find Power BI

    Module 2: Power BI

    • 2.1  Power BI Starts
    • 2.1  Calculated Field
    • 2.1  Visualization
    • 2.1  Visualization Right Way
    • 2.1  Slicer
    • 2.1  Edit Query
    • 2.1  Dax Introduction
    • 2.1  Using Shape
    • 2.1  Mobile Friendly View

    Module 3: Dax Language

    • 3.1  Dax Starts Very Important Part
    • 3.1  Dax Starts
    • 3.1  Dax Introduction
    • 3.1  Syntax
    • 3.1  Function
    • 3.1  Filter
    • 3.1  Dax Filters
    • 3.1  Dax Power BI Aggregation Function
    • 3.1  Filter Domain
    • 3.1  Time Intelligence
    • 3.1  Date Time Function.
    • 3.1  Info And Logic Function
    • 3.1  Math Trig Function
    • 3.1  Statistical Function
    • 3.1  Parent,Text,Other Last Video Dax

    Module 4: Project Making

    • 4.1  Project
    • 4.1  Project Made
    • 4.1  Project Making

    Module 5: Main Projects

    • 5.1  Creative Compare Match Style
    • 5.1  Loss Detection By Dax And Projection
    • 5.1  Sales On Map
    • 5.1  Sales Profit As Per Category and Sub Category

    Module 6: Ending Conclusions

    • 6.1  End Conclusion Important Concept