DevOps Enginner

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DevOps is a Process of Automating the Entire Software Development Cycle. Which starts from development to deployment of entire software or an Application. Earlier, Before DevOps there used to be a Development team that used to take care of the software development and Operation team which used to take care of Deployment of the application. But there were several disadvantages like new releases, bug fixes used to take lots of time to be deployed to the production environment as the entire software development cycle(SDLC) used to be manual. A DevOps engineer collaborates and fills the gap between a Developers and Operations Teams and Automates the Entire Software Development Lifecycle with the DevOps tool which includes the following tools.

1) Version Control - Git
2) Build Tools - Maven/Gradle
3) CI Tools - Jenkins/ Bamboo/ TeamCity
4) Monitoring and Logging - Splunk
5) Cloud experience - AWS/ GCP/ Azure
6) Configuration Management Tools - Ansible / Puppet / Chef
7) Deployment Tools - Terraform / CloudFormation

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    Who can choose this career

    1) Software Developers
    2) System Admins
    3) Ops Person
    4) Cloud Admins


    1) Knowledge of scripting languages like Python/Shell
    2) Understanding of Automation Tools
    3) Understanding of windows/ Linux os
    4) Knowledge of Networking fundamentals

    Learning Path