ReactJS overview

React is probably the most popular Javascript application framework right now. It is actively created and maintained by Facebook, and was an early proponent of component based UI development. The other big reason React is quite popular is because of React Native, which allows you to use the same style of application code to create Native UI Android and iOS applications.


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Product Attributes


ReactJS uses virtual DOM that makes the user experience better. It also makes the developer’s job less complex.

JSX is used in ReactJS which is very simple and easy to learn. 

There is no need for separate files for logic and markup in ReactJS.

ReactJS is an open-source library that is maintained by Facebook. It is a constantly developing library.

The one-data binding makes the code very stable.

ReactJS also provides a mobile solution that is known as React Native.

ReactJS is faster for rendering as compared to other web frameworks.

Conditional statements in ReactJS are very helpful.

It is SEO friendly. 

It has a great developer’s toolkit.


It needs additional libraries for routing, state management, and API interaction.

ReactJS is a large size library.

The pace of development is very high. 

ReactJS only covers the UI part, nothing else.

Because of a very high pace of development, ReactJS’s documentation is poorly maintained.

Product Features

  1. One-way Data Binding
  2. Components
  3. JSX
  4. Conditional Statements
  5. Lifecycle Methods
  6. The Virtual DOM


  1. It improves efficiency by reusing system component
  2. It ensures minimum consumption of time, enhancing
  3. It is search engine friendly and ensures steady co
  4. React Native is compatible with both web and mobi
  5. It simplifies the entire method of writing compone