Roadmap to a become QA Tester

To enter the IT job market, Software testing is the highly demanded domain. Even for NON-IT professionals, Software testing is the most preferable domain in this era. But the question is how to start learning, where to start, or which way/mode of testing is going to help to enter the IT industry?

Before discussion regarding roadmap to become QA Tester, let’s see the way to do testing 

  1. Manual testing is the most hands-on type of testing and is employed by every team at some point. Of course, in today’s fast-paced Software development lifecycle, manual testing is tough to scale.
  2. Automation testing uses test scripts and specialized tools to automate the process of software testing.
  3. Continuous Testing: There is another way to do testing, which is the evolution of Automation testing. 

But professionals are choosing Automation testing over manual testing but why?

There are various reasons but let us enlighten the important ones for you. 

  1. Time Efficiency: Manual testing is easy to do because we need to do it manually. But it is not reusable. This means if we are testing similar applications with manual testing way,  we need to start from the beginning and that is directly proportional to time-consuming. But on the other hand, if we go with the automation testing way, we just need to create a test script(In simple language, the script is nothing but the set of rules), and we can reuse the same script for similar applications. 
  2. Reporting: In terms of generating reporting, Automation testing wins over Manual testing because tools that we use for automation testing, take care of generating reports in the preferred format.  So, there will be no human error if we decide on Automation testing.
  3. Test coverage: It is really difficult to ensure test coverage in Manual testing. On the other hand,  Automation testing can really deliver better results because of its ability for increased test coverage.  

I think the above points are enough to go with the Automation testing way. So let’s come to the main question: what will be the roadmap to become a QA Tester.

Having a doubt what to learn to be QA tester

So I bifurcated into 5 different career paths.

a. Learn Master of Manual testing: As we discussed Automation testing is a better way to test an application but in some scenarios, Automation testing will not be the winner like UI / UX testing or handling complex and nuanced test scenarios. Apart from that, you should have knowledge of software testing & various concepts. In Master of Manual testing, you have to learn about:

    1. Software testing & its concepts
    2. JIRA for Software tester
    3. Database / SQL
    4. Backend Testing

b. Learn SDET: Before getting the knowledge of Master of Automation testing, you need to learn SDET(Software development engineer in testing) but why?

In Automation testing, you have to create a script to perform the test. To write a script, you should have knowledge of Java programming or Python or C#, etc. So, in SDET, you will learn about the programming languages (minimum 2 programming languages). I will prefer Python and Java are best for Automation Testing. 

c. Learn Master of Automation testing: In the Software testing market, many testing tools are available. Selenium is one of them and very in-famous in the Software testing industry and its libraries are available in different programming languages like Java, Ruby, C#, Python & JavaScript, etc. Here is the list of courses to become of Master of Automation testing:

    1. Automation testing with Selenium WebDriver 
    2. TestNG framework
    3. Cucumber / BDD framework
    4. Maven (Build tool)
    5. Hybrid framework
    6. Jenkins  

d. Learn Web service / API Testing: The way companies are introducing their mobile platform, that is slightly increasing API Testers requirements in the Software Testing industry. Because whatever request, we send from mobile app platforms like order food online or do the shopping through mobile applications, all requests call APIs in the background and finish the job. Now the question is: What tools do you need to learn? 

  1. Soap UI.
  2. Postman

The above tools are enough to become an API Tester.

e. Learn Master of Performance Testing: Startups or new companies want to promote their applications, and they want that users should use their applications on a large scale to generate more revenues. But what if your application is not scalable and 10,000 users are using it at the same time then it will increase the load and that will be the major cause of application crashes and that will not be good for business. So, what you need to do is load testing and performance testing to check how much load your application can bear? Or how it is performing like, is it slow or not able to open a single page? To do performance testing and load testing, you should know the Jmeter tool.

I hope the roadmap we discussed here is enough for you to become a QA Tester.  If you want more details, you can visit our software testing academy page


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