2) How to make Bulk changes in Jira?

a)If we want to make changes in jira first we will go to jira .
b) Then on jira we will see search option click on that from the search option find out the project in which we are working on , suppose the project is Newtours project click on it.
c)extremely down left we will see the view all issues option click on it ,here you will see all issues . Now we will do the filter:
d) project – click on project in which you want issues from. suppose your project is Newtours click on that
e) go to type: what issue you want , like you want test issue click on test
f) Status: what status it is , like we will click on in progress
Then on extreme right we will see … option click on bulk changes. Now the Bulk Operation starts. So according to that we will now make the bulk changes.