5) Explain various phases of STLC?

The various Phases of STLC are-
a) Requirement Analysis-
In this phase QA team understands the requirement like what is to be tested. if anything is missing or not understandable then the QA team meets with the stakeholders to know the actual knowledge of requirement.
b) Test Planning
Here all Testing Plans are defined. In this phase Test Manager/Test Lead calculates the estimated cost and work for the testing process. This phase gets started once the Requirement Analysis Phase is completed.
c) Test Design
Test team prepares the test cases, test scripts(if automation) test data . once the cases are ready they are reviewed by team lead. Also test team prepares the RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix).RTM traces the requirements to the test cases that are needed to verify whether the requirements are fulfilled.
d) Test Environment
Test Environment specifies the conditions on which software is tested. In this Process testing team is not involved either the developer or the customer creates the test environment.
e) Test Execution
In this phase Testing Team starts executing the test cases based on prepared test cases in earlier step.
f) Test Closure
This is last Phase of STLC in which Process of testing is analyzed.