Mention what are the characteristics of “Scope”?

$scope is a glue between the View and the Controller. It connects a Controller with the View,’

$scope serves as the glue between the Controller and the View.
The $scope is the connection between the HTML and the View.
The View and the model both have access to the $scope.
In the context of MVC, $scope can be seen as the ViewModel.
$scope provides the execution context for the DOM and the expression.
$scope provides an execution context in which the DOM element is bound.
$scope is the source of the truth.
$scope is modified when the View changes and the View is modified when $the scope changes its value.
The $scope object is a plain JavaScript object. We can add and remove a property as required.
$scope holds data and functions from the Controller that should be displayed and executed in the View.
The $rootScope is the eventual parent of all the $scope.
$rootScope is the top-most scope in a DOM element with the ng-app directive.
In angular all the $scope are created with prototypal inheritance.
$scope has access to their parent scope.
$scope contains data and the functionality to be used to render the View.
For each Controller created a new $scope is created.
It is ideal to contain the application logic in the Controller and the data in the $scope of the Controller.
When $the scope object is not needed in the View, the scope will be cleaned up and destroyed.
Directives do not have their own scope but with some exceptions ng-controller and ng-repeat do.
When angular starts running all the $scope are attached to the View.
$scope passes data and behavior to the View.