Is it really hard to learn Automation testing with Selenium WebDriver?

Hmm!! I was thinking, before jumping onto the question, we should take a look at the Automation testing industry market. In past years, when COVID-19 was on fire, it gave opportunities to startups, big giants & other industries to provide solutions to the world & stand together in this pandemic.

To provide solutions, they started to invest in digital platforms. Currently, most of all business processes are managed digitally and by rule-based software. It is required that the applications should be robust, intolerable, perfectly functional, etc. and it is giving a great opportunity to the automation testing industry to test these advanced technological applications.

Furthermore, If we take a look at the market of Automation Testing. The automation testing market is expected to grow at 14.2% CAGR during the forecast period from 2021 to 2026.  


That means Industry is looking for You as an Automation Tester with a handsome Salary. 

 I think this is enough to make your mind to be an Automation tester. Now let’s come to the question: 

Is it really hard to learn Automation testing with Selenium WebDriver??

The answer is no, but sometimes it feels like I cannot do it, or I can’t be able to do it because of the programming language. Because you need to put complete focus on that and if you miss any concept or terminology, then it is hard to focus. 

Well, it is sooo not like that b/c if you made up your mind to be an Automation tester, there is no way to be concerned about this negative thought.   

But in some circumstances, if you miss the concept or terminology, then ITlearn360 will take care of this. Because we as ITlearn360 design our Master of Automation Testing program completely in a practical way and will help you to achieve only those skills which are required to learn Selenium WebDriver. Apart from this, we regularly update our program content as per industry needs.  If you miss any concept, then we’ll take care of & prepare you to get a Job. 

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